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Official Space Station 13 feedback!

2009-12-16 16:10:21 by ChristianAndJustice

Official Space Station 13 feedback! Give us your thoughts on our brand new series.


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2009-12-23 13:59:57

dont you have anything better to do than spam? just saying....


2009-12-23 14:52:15

dude I know its most likely to be a joke but come one three time the spam? I mean the idea of I dont know a rall animation about what you put in the description would be nice. But come on..........


2009-12-28 20:51:56

It sucks. As a joke and as individual pieces of work. You could probably spend less time spamming up the portal and more time working on your technical skill (you know... to submit something worthwhile), but that's probably not very high on your agenda, is it?

ChristianAndJustice responds:

no .


2009-12-30 13:05:56

Neophyte-Ronin I agree with you this guy sucks.


2009-12-30 18:58:44

BYOND is gay